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Problem Solved, LLC (PSLLC) is a technology company located in North Alabama and is a manufacturer of industry leading hardware and software solutions for EMULATED MILITARY DEVICES (EMD's). Our EMD's are designed to fulfill the need for realistic training and mission rehearsals for JOINT TERMINAL ATTACK CONTROLLERS (JTAC) and JOINT FIRES SUPPORT, as well as FIREARM Training in a simulated and controlled environment center.

We integrate PSLLC developed technology within all of our devices. We can integrate high resolution OLED Displays (800x600 & 1300x1044) within our devices as well as 3dof & 6dof tracking sensor systems. These internal systems and sub-systems are options that give the customer complete control over the technology to fit their individual simulation system requirements.

PSLLC's high fidelity emulated devices are utilized for simulated environments for qualification and mission rehearsal training for JOINT TERMINAL ATTACK CONTROLLER's (JTAC's), CLOSE AIR SUPPORT (CAS), and CALL FOR FIRE (CFF) personnel.

PSLLC also specializes in FIREARM TRAINING for MILITARY, LAW ENFORCEMENT, and COMMERCIAL users. Whether its a RIFLE, SHOTGUN, or PISTOL, PSLLC can integrate specific tracking components from IR Lasers to 6dof tracking sensors to completely integrate within your firearm trainer. These devices can also be equipped with emulated scopes and laser target markers to give the user a more realistic training experience.

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