Heavy Duty

- Theft Deterrent -

Hanging Solution

-Patent Pending-

Introducing the Husky Hanger, a new release for 2014 - The Husky Hanger, designed for the Hospitality/Art Service Industry, will accommodate more weight than the wall will hold! The picture/art hanger will no longer be an eyesore – the Husky Hanger will compliment your Art. No more hanging expensive art with cumbersome, hard to hang, cheap wall hangers.

Easy to install, No special tools required, Made from 6061 grade Aluminum. Self locking-theft deterrent device!


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Medical Facility

Custom Parts

-Cancer Center-

We manufacture Enclosed Sink Aluminum Drip Pans - All Sizes!

We also manufacture Aluminum Door Edge Protectors as well as Stainless Steel Splash Plates.

Custom Fire Pits

-Available Now-

We are very happy to introduce our "Designed For Long-Life", Fire Pits. These are made from 12 ga steel diamond plate for a very long life of usage! The standard Pit is 3 foot square and has available options of: grill top (not shown) and expanded metal hood (shown). We also offer a smaller size pit that is 2 foot square. All Pits are coated with "high-Temp" paint for durability. Order yours today!

Pharmaceutical Counting Tray

-Patent Pending-

A more user friendly Pharmacy counting tray. This tray will enable the user more flexibility and control over the process of counting  and tabulating the pills and/or capsules that they are required to accommodate on a daily basis. One tray to accommodate all bottles and pill/capsule sizes  - Trough is large enough to hold an entire bottle of large pills/capsules, no more counting multiple times, "count once - dispense once"!



Custom Parts Racks

-Mercedes Plant-

These custom Steel Racks were built for the Mercedes Plant for hanging bumpers after they were painted. 

Custom Material Rack

-Atrion Medical-

This was a custom material rack for Atrion Medical. All 1x1 steel tubing, with steel casters, painted gloss black.

Custom Fabrication Services

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Design & Fabrication Serivces